A programming language is a way to communicate with your computer.

programming communicate computer

How does it work?

A computer works like a lamp. A lamp works with a switch: ON or OFF.  Everything you want to do on a computer is controlled by switches, who can either be ON or OFF.

For example, I have 9 led lights:

programming led lights

ON = 1 OFF = 0. In this example. all leds are OFF, therefore all switches are 0. Which is the same as saying: 000000000

When I put the LED lights together and want to display, some letters I have to switch some of the LEDs ON.


This is the idea of a binary programming language. This are some simple example with not so many switches. A computer has a lot more options, therefore, it will cost a lot of time to communicate with a computer in this way.

New ways to communicate with the computer were introduced. One of them is Java. The Java language looks way more like the English language, which makes it easier to understand.

Learning a language could be really hard if you don’t know what the words mean, this website will give you the translation of Java to English.